Monday, July 6, 2009

Boiler Beams

A semi-abstract composition of sky with rusty beams in a geometric arrangement.
The Quincy #5 boiler house

The Quincy #5 boiler house is a thorough ruin -- the roof is open to the sky, with the beams creaking and squeaking in the wind. On a windy day, one of the beams make a terrific racket, which is especially spooky at night.

The good news from Quincy is that many of the ruins are being slowly restored -- and some faster than others. The old roundhouse (featured her a few times) is in the process of being cleared, hopefully to become a museum. The old Quincy #6 steam engine will be out front -- recently reacquired from somewhere in New Jersey. I'm looking forward to it!


Laura Smyth, Publisher and Creative Director said...

I love the colors in this photo. It also reminds me of a photo a dear friend of mine took of an industrial site outside of her town. Her point of view was standing outside shooting up through the missing window to the bright blue sky--the roof being long gone. It is beautiful and at the same time very disorienting.

LisaNewton said...

Love the sky with the rust color. It's a good contrast.

A few days ago, I visited a major harbor and thought of you. Oh, how I would love to get up close and personal with one of those container lifts. :)

David said...

@Laura: Thanks! The colors and textures you get at old ruins are great, especially around sunset and sunrise.

@LisaNewton: Cool! Industrial photography is a lot of fun. You get nice strong lines, colors, textures, and weird abstracts practically for free. :)