Wednesday, September 16, 2009


A bright red thimbleberry with green leaves.
Thimbleberries: fruit of the north

Perhaps thimbleberries grow elsewhere in the world, but if they do I've never seen them. Thimbleberries are a delicious and tart relative of raspberries which are very common up here in the Keweenaw. You can literally drive down fairly major roads, lean out the window, and pick them! They make a wonderful jam, whose entire recipe I will add here:

Add equal parts thimbleberries and sugar into a pot. Heat until the berries dissolve. Boil hard for one minute, and put into glass jars for storage.

If you can't have thimbleberry jam, enjoy this thimbleberry photo instead!


Jacob Emerick said...

Nice photo! I was just munching on thimbleberries a few weekends ago by Covington - they were delicious. Wish I would have picked enough for your jam recipe, though.

Jain said...

Please enjoy some extra thimbleberries for those of us who cannot!

DC said...

@Jake -- thanks, they're great! You really don't need many for jam -- 1/4 pint will make you a 1/2 pint jar (since the sugar doubles the volume). Too late now though -- it's blackberry season!

@Jain: Will do. :)