Sunday, April 18, 2010

108/365 - Wire and Shaft

Barbed wire spiraling into the frame.
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I have an unusual ability -- a strange knack for finding abandoned mines. Sometimes I'll literally walk into the woods at random, and come across ruins or a shaft. Of course, up here, that's not so hard -- if rock poked its head above the dirt, someone probably sunk a shaft on it!

This bit of barbed wire has fallen around one such shaft. The lines in the background are old rails welded together across the cement mouth of this vertical shaft. I'm not sure exactly what this was, except that it's almost certainly associated with the Adventure Consolidated mine. It was on top of a beautiful rocky bluff which I thought I'd check out, on my way home from Madison.


Tamara said...

What a great photo! You find the most unique stuff to photograph and it always works!

Anonymous said...

Love this shot. Great DOF, of course, but especially in contrast with the sharp edge of the barbed wire. Very nice.