Thursday, September 30, 2010

272/365 - Blackboard

A hand writing a lambda on a chalkboard.
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There's a big debate at any school, college, or university: Whiteboards, or Chalkboards? There doesn't seem to be any middle ground: you love one and hate the other. Personally, I prefer whiteboards -- but blackboards make better texture.


Dale said...

I also prefer the white board. With most markers it seems like you can erase cleaner (though some don't want to erase at all!) and you have less dusty residue. But from an environmental standpoint, a traditional chalkboard *might* be better. If we're talking a traditional "stone slab" (slate) chalkboard and "writing sticks" that are actually made of the naturally occurring substance chalk, that may be more environmentally friendly than whatever white boards are made of and the plastic tubes that make up markers. But if modern chalkboards and chalk aren't made of natural materials, it's probably a wash.

D. Travis North said...

At our office, we use a wacom tablet with a projector. Not a cheap solution though.

Meanwhile, I love this shot. It could be a stock photo.

DC said...

@Dale: It's true, I think that modern chalkboards are pretty artificial as well. But I hadn't thought too much about the environmental concerns. We do go through those markers pretty fast.

@D. Travis North: Hm, sounds like a nice solution... I'd like to have that kind of access. Thanks!