Friday, May 16, 2008


One of my favorite pine groves up near Quincy, at sunset.

There's no particular story to go along with these. It feels like a stereotypical "wide angle looking up in a grove of tall trees," but I like the added color from the sunset.


Summer said...

I have heard the sunset song of the birches,
A white melody in the silence,
I have seen a quarrel of the pines.
At nightfall
The little grasses have rushed by me
With the wind men.
These things have I lived," quoth the maniac,
"Possessing only eyes and ears.
But you --
You don green spectacles before you look at roses."

(Stephen Crane)

(You could totally frame it and hang it in your hobbit home - or castle. Whatever you decide;-))

Anonymous said...

I think I know those trees. Along the old Q&TL right of way, just before the Ripley Ski hill if I'm correct. There should of been what looked like a path down the hill through the middle of the narrow ridge on which the trees were planted. I believe it was where the old Franklin (or Pewabic I suppose) tramway use to run down the hill to the mill at the current Quincy Smelter site. Loved walking down trough those things...

Of course these could be a completely different set of red pines. In that case, disregard everything I just said.

DC said...

Yup, these are one of those stands of red pines along the Q&TL trail. I think that there are two stands, this is the one closer to the road.

I also noticed that path you mention, though. I'd never thought that it might be a tram road, but that makes a lot of sense. The trees are planted so neatly that they must have been planted on purpose -- I wonder why?

DC said...

I asked around a bit at the Q&TL presentation on Saturday, and several people believe that these stands of trees were planted by the CCC during the New Deal era.