Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wind and Light

A curved blue snowbank with snow blowing off of it, and beams of light shooting through the blowing snow.
Weather advisory: blowing and drifting snow
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Sunday was a beautiful day -- also one of the last days before the Great Midwinter Melt of '09. I headed out to the Tech Trails, specifically the part which is actually the Houghton High School Forest. The forest has no ski trails, so I was all on my own. Along the way, I found this snowbank which had developed from the strong winds and heavy snowfall that we'd had recently. Now, it's all gone -- I actually saw some grass the other day! The midwinter thaw will be done soon, and I won't mind that a bit.


nelly said...

Thanks for the tip on DPS. You *certainly* know your way around snow & winterscapes :)

DC said...


Thanks very much. :) Glad to help you on DPS!