Thursday, April 30, 2009

Little Bells

Bell-shaped white flowers dangling from their stem.
Pretty little bells on their stem.
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I have no clue what these pretty little flowers are, but they a certainly pretty -- and also little. I found these a while ago, up on the old Q&TL railroad, lit up by the sun. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I looked in our MI wildflower book and think the flower is Bladder Campion. It blooms in spring and summer. Very pretty! JC

Don said...

I just found your blog. Great photos and I really like the way you finish them with the title and your name and the beveled frames.

DC said...

Thanks JC and Don!

@Don -- I originally got the idea for the frame when I hit the Exposé button on my laptop (running OS X) -- it moves all windows off to the side, revealing your desktop -- but with a dark border around it. That was the idea, and it has worked out pretty well. :)

montreal florist said...

Wow! It's really pretty flowers. Beautiful!