Thursday, April 9, 2009

Manganese in the Melt

A waterfall falling into a deep gorge.
Manganese falls in the spring melt

Manganese falls is one of those places that is hard to photograph: most of the summer, there's almost nothing there (such as when I visited Manganese falls in summer 2008). This view is from nearly the same angle as that one, except -- there's water! Thank goodness for the spring melt, which makes even tiny cliffs into roaring waterfalls.

For those not living in the UP, Manganese Falls is located up near Copper Harbor, on the road which heads back to the old Clark mine (which, clearly, must have something to do with me!). The stream is very short, connecting two lakes which are only a mile or two apart. It's a very lovely grove, and a nice deep gorge, but the falls are at a strange angle -- they flow over the edge and beat against another rock wall, and then flow out perpendicular to the original flow.

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Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful photograph. The snow and rushing water with the green vegetation nearby makes you feel spring in the air. JC