Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring Pine

An intensely colored pine cone and needles, with warm sunlight and shadows.
A pine cone on a late afternoon in spring

It's spring for real! I know it, because the flowers are starting to come up. This is one of several photos I'll be featuring from a recent walk around the hillside below Quincy. This pine cone was wonderfully lit in the late afternoon light. The colors are straight out of the camera -- no editing!


Jain said...

Great shot, quite crisp with gorgeous colour. This displaced Yooper is enjoying your blog!

DC said...

@Jain -- thanks so much! :) Always glad to show displaced Yoopers a bit of home. I love living here -- such a perfect place.

LisaNewton said...

Great shot, and I love the colors. The funny thing is that last week, I was in San Diego and decided to visit Torrey Pines State Reserve. Of course, it's named after the tree by the same name. Big pinecones, too.