Monday, April 6, 2009

Wet Rocks

Several red, blue, and green stones buried in textured sand.
Damp stones at Great Sand Bay

This photo comes to you from my parents' favorite place to visit in the whole Copper Country: Great Sand Bay! This lovely bay north of Eagle River is just what it sounds like: big, broad, and with a wonderful sandy beach -- which is very unusual here in the Keweenaw. It's also located just south of Clark's Point which, although I have nothing to do with the name, I still like anyway.

This photo comes from a couple of weekends ago, when we stopped by Great Sand Bay on our spring waterfall tour (yes, more waterfall photos coming -- I promise). The things you can't tell from this photo are the surroundings: just a few feet away, the bay was still mostly frozen over, and a thick fog was rolling in off of the lake. But the beach itself was clear, and the rocks and sand were damp from the fog, rain, and general melting. I was attracted by the texture of the sand, and the arrangement of these rocks.

Our next stop after this were Manganese falls -- more soon!


LisaNewton said...

You can see the texture of the rocks and sand via the photo. It's quite amazing.

DC said...

Thanks, Lisa! :) It was quite striking, being there.

Kevin said...

Great textures and colour. Well done!