Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sunset Forest

Sunlit pines reaching towards the skies
The Northern Highlands State Forest at sunset

Sarah and I just had a lovely weekend of camping. You can tell just how lovely it was by this photo -- this was taken right in our campsite! The pine trees and the lake we camped on were lit up like this every evening and every morning.


Laura Smyth, Publisher and Creative Director said...

The light up here on the Keweenaw is one of the things I love the most. Nice photo.

Sarah Ann said...

I love this picture :) Thanks for the great weekend, hon!

Jain said...

Light... colour... perspective... stunning photo and not easy to achieve!

DC said...

@Laura: Real, natural light. Aren't the golden hours great?
@Sarah: You bet, babe. :D
@Jain: Thanks so much! I looooove my ultrawide. This was literally where we lived for a weekend -- woke up to see this each day. :)

Nina said...

Gorgeous shot. It looks like a great place to camp! I love the light filtering through the trees.