Friday, February 5, 2010

36/365 - Beer!

A bottle of beer.
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Beer! I have a new love: New Glarus Organic beer. They only sell on tap or bottled, and they only sell in Wisconsin. It's like heaven.


Martina said...



Anonymous said...

how does a person living in the Keeweenaw Peninsula find out about a brew from a very small brewery located in a small wisconsin town almost on the Illinois border ( which has to be about 500+ miles from Hancock / Hougton ) ????

DC said...

@Anon: I originally had the New Glarus Spotted Cow when I visited U. Wisc. for a conference -- they serve it at the student pub. Then a friend of mine who lives in the Twin Cities reminded me about it. Nowadays, when I visit the Lovely Sarah, I make sure to grab a sampler. :)