Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stars Through the Rockhouse

Star trails, through a break in a massive cement foundation.
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Another star trail photo, as I work to refine my technique. These are stars rotating over the ruins of the Isle Royal #6 rockhouse. A massive steel structure once rose above these huge cement foundations, processing rock from the nearby shaft. Trains would pull through the slot between these walls to cart away copper-bearing rock to the mill.

Amusingly, the shaft (safely capped) is currently directly under a major snowmobile route. It's a logical shortcut between the main trail and the highway, and the cap isn't visible under all the snow. I only knew where to avoid it (more out of excess carefulness than actual need for safety) because I've been here in summer so often.

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Summer said...

You're getting really good at these shots! I love the variances in color between stars. You know what would be really cool? A long exposure star map, with explanations as to those variances (I assume it's because of nearness/type of star/etc.)