Friday, February 19, 2010

50/365 - J is for Jump!

Me, jumping high above the camera.
Click the photo to see it on Flickr.

J is for Jump. Whee -- it's me, jumping high above the camera!


Jain said...

Ha! That's great!

How on earth (or off earth, as the case may be) did you do it?

Anonymous said...

What a fun photograph! Wheeeee!

DC said...

@Jain: Heh, thanks! I used my ultrawide lens, and placed it on the ground pointing (mostly) upwards. I set the camera to use my remote trigger, with a 2 second delay. Then, I hit the trigger and jumped! It took quite a few tries to get a good combination of posture and timing. My neighbors must have thought I was crazy. :P