Friday, January 22, 2010

22/365 - The Lineup

A wide variety of snow-removal equipment.
Click the photo to see it on Flickr.

For those who aren't from such a snowy place, here's a peek into my world -- the world of daily snow removal!

This photo shows my arsenal. From left to right:

  • A standard shovel (for scraping the driveway, small amounts of snow)
  • Snow blower (currently out of commission)
  • Another standard shovel
  • Road salt (for melting ice and preventing build-up)
  • Small shovel for ice
  • The mighty Yooper Scooper (a huge scoop used for moving large amounts of snow all at once)
  • Pickaxe and standard axe for ice removal
  • Cheap extendable shovel, and
  • Garden shovel

With 6+ months of winter, it pays to be prepared!


Anonymous said...

Fun Photo, Dave! Ask your landlord for a new snowblower! :-)


Anonymous said...

you forgot to include in the lineup the LARGE economy bottle of Ibuprofen - the Best Friend of every shoveler's back !!!