Sunday, January 31, 2010

31/365 - Study #4

Detail of a keyboard with the letters D and C emphasized.
Click the photo to see it on Flickr.

Here's the fourth and final installment of my "everyday object study". Anyone want to guess why I chose to focus on this part?

Also -- it's the end of the first month of my 365 project! It's been interesting, for sure, and difficult at times. But, this "study series" has really helped give me more ideas for how to take a decent photo every single day. You can also read some of my thoughts on breaking patterns at Digital Photography School.


Jain said...

You focused on... David Clark Fotography - Golly, Very Xtraordinary!

D. Travis North said...

I like Jain's theory better. My theory was that you were focusing on the 'X', which you probably come across very often, being a mathematician and all.

Anonymous said...

XCV = 95