Monday, January 4, 2010

4/365 - What am I?

Colorful math books, lined up on a shelf.
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This photo follows from the theme of yesterday's photo. Yesterday, I answered the question "where am I?" Today I answer (at least in part) "What am I?" Today's photo comes to you from the bookshelf in my office. Anyone want to guess what my job is?

Also, photo-a-day thought-of-the-day: I'm finding that I'm saving some of the better shots I take each day for later (non-365) posting, because I don't have enough time to really give them the treatment that I should. Anyone else having this problem?


jpemeric said...

Wow, I really miss my Combinatorics book now! Awesome on the 365 plan, looking forward to some great pictures.

DC said...

Jake, did you use Brualdi's Combinatorics book (the one pictured here)? I actually didn't use it -- I bought this from a friend who didn't want it, so that I could have a good reference for the basics.

D. Travis North said...

Clearly you're a photographer. But I guess you also have an interest in numbers. I'm guessing that is a nice balance...there's a lot of numbers in photography.

See can be tied to almost anything.

jpemeric said...

Yup, I used that one. I love the awesome colorful title... took the class during my Sophomore year up there. I'm sure the contents are pretty neat, too - darned if I remember.

DC said...

@D. Travis North: Bingo! The technical side of photography came pretty naturally to me (f/2.8 follows f/2? Of course it does!), but I enjoy the creative side much more.

@jpemeric: Cool. I actually have met Brualdi a few times now (he's a very neat guy), but I always forget to have him sign this.