Sunday, January 3, 2010

3/365 - Steps of Snow

Heavily snow-covered steps leading up to a snowy house, at night.
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Today's photo is the scene which I saw when I arrived home Houghton today. My trip home was not exactly on the fun side of things -- nearly 10 hours of snow, wind, blowing snow, lake effect snow... anything you can imagine that involves snow! Then, when I arrived home, we found that the people we'd hired to plow the driveway over my vacation had not done their job.

Today's 365 thought: although I took a number of photos along the way, I couldn't do much when the weather forced me to keep driving (at 35 mph) with extreme caution. This is definitely tough! While not the best photo technically, I hope that this does evoke a certain feeling of despair in you, as it did in me. Happy new year! ;)


Jain said...

Oh, it's a wonderful photo, very evocative of da UP.

DC said...

Heh, thanks Jain. It is DEFINITELY UP-ish up here right now!