Saturday, January 23, 2010

23/365 - Central House

A snowman built in front of a small church.
You can order a print of this photo from David Clark Photography.

The Central Mine was, in its day, a spectacular copper mine. It was the second mine in the entire Copper Country to turn a profit, and not just any profit -- it paid a dividend in its first year! It survived from 1854 until 1898, when it finally closed -- exhausted.

Nowadays, the town of Central is almost totally abandoned. There are a few seasonal residents, and even fewer permanent residents (about 2, to be more exact). This is one of the few houses which is (seasonally) occupied.

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Great picture! Congratulations! Good luck for the rest of your project and keep up the good work! I'm also on a 365 days project ( Feel free to drop by.