Saturday, January 16, 2010

16/365 - Mount Baldy

Pines on a field of snow, overlooking a blue Lake Superior.
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Saturdays are great fun for me -- either I'm down in Wisconsin visiting the lovely Sarah, or else I'm out exploring the Keweenaw! Today was one of those exploring days. I took a snowshoe trip out to Mt. Baldy (formally called Lookout Mountain), up near Eagle Harbor in the Keweenaw. Mt. Baldy is a Nature Conservancy preserve, and a beautiful one. It's also 3 miles (one way, uphill!) to the bald top of the big hill.

This photo is from the very top, where only a few hardy trees and lots of low ground cover grows. On the left is beautiful Lake Superior, which hasn't frozen yet.

After this, I turned around and hiked another hour and a half back out again!

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